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Mr Miyagi

In the beginning there was sushi and soon there were sushi tacos and green tea soba noodles…

Hang on a minute РSushi (Nori) Tacos?  Say whattt? Green tea soba noodles ?  Really?

This hip Japanese fusion joint has taken food to a whole new level and a good one too!

Their Nori tacos are so flavorsome and creative that the crowds have flocked to this spot to experience tacos in a different way Рor should I say sushi in a different way!

The Green tea soba noodles are amazing.  Served with edamame and sesame dressing, this unassuming looking dish was such a flavorful surprise for me!

Their Miyagi Fried Chicken was also a winner with my family and really any fried chicken with kewpie mayo is a marriage made in heaven and rightly so!

Their Jimmy Cracked Corn with whipped miso butter was, in my humble opinion, just how the world should experience corn.  (Yes РI loved this dish)

Just a few pictures to get you interested? ¬†Maybe? ūüôā


These were some tacos that I had at the Night food market:



Chin Chin – Melbourne CBD

All hail the famous Chin Chin!  Just 1 of the 5 success stories for The Lucas Group.  It is one of the rare few that have kept its 4 and above star ratings since its beginning despite having more than 11,000 ratings on ZOMATO by April 2016!

This place is ALWAYS busy so get in early if you want to avoid hour long queues. ¬†They don’t take bookings (last I checked) so we decided to be super keen asians, skip lunch and go for an early dinner at 4pm. ¬†At 5pm, the queue had already begun and we felt rather pleased with our efforts to get in early as we enjoyed our food whilst cringing¬†at the length of the¬†queue outside the building. ¬†But so they say… NO PAIN NO GAIN!

We went for the Feed Me experience as we figured that between two people this was the best choice for maximum benefit and variety at minimum price.  The pork roll ups were a let down but everything else was pretty delicious!  Jam packed with flavor.  The highlight for us was the twice cooked beef short ribs! So Succulent, tender and that melt in your mouth feeling will only leave you wanting MORE!  Its entirely SINFUL!

Here are some of the items from the Feed Me menu that we were servedBAWarAoM3ca




FUN FACT:  Ever wondered how such a small kitchen (considering the masses of crowds that come through those restaurant doors and just how many plates of food are churned out each hour) is serving up such great food at such high levels of efficiency?

Most of the food that they serve involve lengthy cooking processes that make cooking on site¬†practically impossible. ¬†These lengthy cooking processes and preparation of meats etc are completed at a warehouse off site that functions THROUGH THE NIGHT to deliver freshly prepared foods¬†to The Lucas Group restaurants each and everyday! ¬†All of the ¬†construction of the dishes and the last bits of cooking are still done on site so food is still “made to order” in some senses! What a smart way to deliver food in the masses but also save on kitchen space to meet consumer demands at each restaurant!

Vel Spices – Carrum Downs

Coming from Singapore, finding great Indian food is not an issue at all.  Here in Melbourne its a different story altogether.  Very often you find popular cuisines offering fusion flavors and/or altered authentic dishes to suit the taste buds of their local communities.

Vel Spices in Carrum Downs¬†is in a nutshell INDIA-IN-MELBOURNE. ¬†“Wait I am in Melbourne” was constantly running through my mind to remind me that I have not been transported to the streets of India.

This was the first time I have¬†traveled over 40 minutes for authentic Indian food. ¬†God bless those cravings of mine! ¬†But these are the moments I live for. ¬†It was satisfying and definitely worth the drive. ¬†My taste buds were brought back to Singapore’s local roti prata stores and hawker centers where there is no shortage of great Indian food.

The Dosas were yum, the Rotis were EXACTLY how they were meant to be, the curries were OH SO AUTHENTIC and to top it off, everything was so affordable!

If you need / want some great indian food, please give Vel Spices a chance!  It may be far especially if you live in the CBD / inner suburbs but hey Рit will be worth your while!



Random fact Рthey have a Youtube ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2sKTJ1bggs


Top Paddock

From the creators of Three bags full and Two birds one stone, Melbournians have been blessed with yet another great cafe in this beautiful city.

Located in Richmond, this brunch spot has been beaming with popularity since its inception. ¬†As usual, they don’t take bookings and the wait on weekends can be anywhere from 30 minutes¬†and up.

The food here is good (like most other popular brunch spots in Melbourne) but at the heart of the attraction points for this cafe are it’s fluffy ricotta hot cakes that are bound to knock you off your feet at first sight! ¬†This dish tastes good and looks absolutely stunning.

Here are the few things we ordered at Top Paddock:


Ricotta Hotcakes


Soft Shell Crab Burger


Pork belly with poached eggs and fried toast!


Lune Croissanterie

Operating out of a warehouse in Fitzroy, this joint serves up some of the best and most unique croissants you will ever come across.

If you are a croissant lover, like flaky croissants and are keen on trying unique flavors / combinations of croissants that cannot be found elsewhere – THIS IS IT.

They only open 4 days a week because croissants take 3 days to rise?

Melbournians and their passion for great food is the sole reason for the LONG QUEUES that accumulate outside this warehouse way before those doors are even opened for business (7:30 am on Thursdays and Fridays, 8 am on Saturdays and Sundays). In short GO EARLY if you want some of that flaky goodness or go home disappointed !

Thinking of sending a representative to buy takeaway croissants for you?  Well Рthere is a limit to how many croissants each customer is allowed to buy so send a few more people there if you have a big group of croissant hungry visitors from overseas or friends who want some of that!

Tried their original flavored croissant and the Milo milkshake.

Lune croissants

I loved the Milo Milkshake croissant (on the left)!  If you are a fan of both Milo and croissants then this is your heaven!



Paringa Estate Winery – Red Hill

Home baked fresh olive buns just out of the oven...

Home baked fresh olive buns

Wallaby Tatare, caper emulsion, rye, juniper
Wallaby Tatare, caper emulsion, rye, juniper
Lightly smoked pork belly, toffee apple
Lightly smoked pork belly, toffee apple
MAINS - Rabbit meat, stuffed figs
MAINS ‚Äď Rabbit meat, stuffed figs
MAINS - Blue eye fish, spanner crab, yellow tomatoes
MAINS ‚Äď Blue eye fish, spanner crab, yellow tomatoes, roe

Cusine: Modern Australian

Pricing: Mains are >$30

Menu Highlights:¬†The rabbit meat was definitely the standout dish for us. ¬†First bite into it and we were amazed at how well cooked the meat was and how the flavours on the plate tasted so much more than it looked. ¬†Accompanying the meat was a fig shell stuffed with rabbit meat. ¬†Absolutely genius because that little stuffed fig was exploding with flavour and caught us by surprise. ¬†So after we cleaned out the plate, the consensus was ‚Äėthe best rabbit we‚Äôve ever had‚Äô.

Given that their menu changes ever so often, I can only say that I feel so lucky to have tried this dish because I am now enlightened to the fact that rabbit meat can taste THAT good.

And before I forget, please do not be mistaken by the focus of the review on the rabbit dish! ¬†All the other dishes that we had were NO LESS delicious and even their duck fat potatoes (sides) were fried to perfection ‚Äď Evenly golden brown on every surface visible! ¬†Definitely a place worth returning to.

Sault Restaurant – Daylesford

Scallops, sofrito, chorizo, bread crumbs, roasted cauliflower purée
Scallops, sofrito, chorizo, bread crumbs, roasted cauliflower purée
Grilled Octopus with squid ink
Grilled Octopus with squid ink
Prawn Salad
Prawn Salad
Seared Salmon
Seared Salmon
Field of Mushrooms (dessert)
Field of Mushrooms (dessert)
Pear tart (dessert)
Pear tart (dessert)

Cusine: Modern Australian

Pricing: Mains are > $30

Menu Highlights: There were other mains that we tried which I had forgotten to take pictures of!

Completely in love with the amount of effort put into the presentation and the flavors of each and every item served on their menu.

If you are ever driving from Melbourne to Daylesford, this is a MUST TRY restaurant.

Ambience: Open fields surrounding the property.  Tall glass windows and a spacey interior.  Classy and cosy simultaneously!